Gluten Free Cookies–Do we really need them?

gluten free cookies

Kenneth Chang’s article “Gluten Free, Whether You Need It or Not” in the New York Times on February 4, 2013 raises a couple of excellent points. People need more information about celiac disease. And, a gluten free diet is not “new”–in fact, wheat is a relatively new food that the human body often does not tolerate.

So whether you need them or not, when you’re looking for healthy cookies and treats, gluten free cookies might be the answer. Remember, gluten free is really not new, and Lucy’s are vegan cookies, too! When I developed the flour blend I use in Lucy’s gluten free cookies, I got just the right combination so my treats would have a taste and texture very similar to the wheat-based items that most people are accustomed to eating. This makes the transition to gluten free foods more subtle and a lot easier.

It’s all about taste and texture, really. When it comes to a cookie or a cake, I’m like most people. Why eat it if it’s not yummy and delightful? Gluten free foods and gluten free snacks are still food—and that’s important to remember.

Funny thing, when I got around to doing a detailed nutritional comparison with conventional whole wheat flour, my flour blend matches almost exactly! So, in the endeavor to hit it right on taste and texture, I got flour nutrition right, too.

And, going back to wanting a healthier cookie, I use organic sugar and vegan oils and margarine. So, whether you need a gluten free diet or not, my cookies taste great and deliver nutrition that’s as good as, or better than, a typical brand.

I hope you’ll try them soon. And, please do let me know what you think.

(Lucy’s bakes delicious gluten free cookies. Please visit our store locator to find retailers in your area. Follow this link to sign up for our monthly newsletter. I write about a variety of topics and announce giveaways each month.)


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