Different and Delicious!

Gluten free foodsI’ve always loved good food, and I believe that great nutrition can also be very decadent and indulgent. With that as a backdrop, Lucy’s grew out of my family’s experience with food allergies. One of the main goals of my food allergy friendly, vegan, gluten free snacks has been to make life “normal” for people with special diets. Tasty food, easy to find, enjoyed by all.

Here at Lucy’s we offer a variety of gluten free cookies. (Our chocolate cookies are a must try!) Compared with 2006, when our products first hit the shelves, the food choices in grocery stores and markets have ballooned—and many are simply excellent! I’m amazed at the number and quality of gluten free foods and other special items available now. I hope you’ve tried Lucy’s treats; our allergy-friendly, vegan cookies are available in 11 different flavors and several package sizes. Click here for a listing.

For cooking meals at home, I suggest that folks start by thinking about their favorite meals or dishes. What do you like to eat at home now? Then look for ways to adapt from your regular diet to one that works for your new lifestyle. For example, if you love pasta, head for the gluten free pasta section of your favorite store. Pick one or two new things to try and proceed slowly. Some people get frustrated when they make it home with 10 new items and realize they only like two of them—and it’s cost them $40 to find out!

I understand that switching to a new diet can be somewhat overwhelming. Because of the nature of my business and the fact that my family deals with food allergies, I’m often asked what we make for dinner at my house. Our typical dinner usually involves a meat or meat equivalent, a starch, and lots of veggies. We’re good at whipping up a simple sauce, marinade, or rub for the meat and we love to grill out. (There are nice gluten free and food allergy friendly, pre-packaged spice and sauce options.) We bake or roast potatoes, or we use our wonderful rice cooker to make short grain brown rice that’s high in nutrients and fiber. Then, to balance the plate we usually load up on locally grown, seasonal leafy green vegetables.

My family’s special diet keeps us away from fast food and convenience items that are less nutritious and sometimes more expensive. It’s important to note that a different diet means certain challenges with eating out, traveling, and social occasions. Please be aware of important questions to ask when you’re eating out. You need to become educated about food ingredients, preparation tools, and cooking methods. Also, be sure to find out how a sauce or garnish is made. This link to the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness provides more detailed information and suggestions. Also, check out this great resource from Food Allergy Resource and Education.

During the coming decades, more and more people will be eating gluten free or avoiding other foods. A new diet can be delicious and nutritious. Change is here to stay on store shelves and dinner tables around the world. Eat up! It’s delicious.


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