Favorite Diet Food!

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Yes, Lucy’s cookies are one of Dr. Oz’s favorite diet foods.  Really!  Check out this list – and TV link.  He talks about how to “cheat” on your diet, and do no harm.  Smart stuff!

And, we got a “Wow! are we impressed!” from  They emphasized the fact that three cookies count only three PointsPlus points!

Everyone deserves a cookie.  Enjoy and stay healthy.



  1. Kim Allmon says:

    I’ll have to try these – they sound so delicious! I’ve been a Weight Watchers member since the end of August 2011 & have lost 38 lbs! Love the fact that I can have 3 of these cookies for 3 points. Thanks for making eating healthier a lot easier (and indulgent!).

  2. I agree, all people need a cookie or 4 every now and then or maybe more or less depending, but they have their moment for everyone

  3. Holly Hook says:

    I’d be willing to go on a diet if I can still have Lucy’s! :)

  4. Wow these are one of Dr. Oz’s favorite diet foods – that I didnt know. Gluten free and low calorie with lots of favorites to choose from. WIth a wow from weight watchers what more need be said .

  5. We like your thinking! :)

  6. Congrats Kim! So happy to hear of your success with Weight Watchers!

  7. Yes! If Dr. Oz approves – they must be good! 😉

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